Our Filtration solutions for Industries

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Chemicals Industry:

In the chemical industry, our products are used inchemical and pharmaceutical industries, both in production precesses and in the separation anddehydration of waste sludge. The main application areas in the pharmaceutical industriesinclude production of antibiotics,vaccines, plasmaand synthetic production of medicines.

Paints& lacquerIndustry

carbon blackProduct and collection




Inorganic salt


Nonmetallic ore( clay, kaolin,bentonite etc.)

Metallurgy Industry:

In the Metallurgy industry, our products are used in several applications for soild/liquid separation:Alumina, Gold, tungsten, Nickel, Lead,Zinc,silver, and Steel,Iron, precious metals recovery.

Nonmetal mine:

Products and collection of:cement, asphaltum,waste coal, ceramic, ball clay,etc.

Food Industry:

For food industry, our products widely used in sugar mill, cooking oil, coffee,wine, water,beer,sauce,monosodium glutamate ,juice,chocolate, etc.

Wastewater treatment:

For public, city planning wastewater, chemical liquid waster, electroplating wastewater, mining wastewater,life wastewater, drinking water treatment, steel plant wastewater,dust collecting.

Paper industry:

From wood processing, Pulp cooking,to paper drying, our fabric can be wildly using in different equipment, drum filter disc filter, press filter and belt filter.